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Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is an online platform where businesses place paid advertisements on Google’s Search Engine in order to raise their profile and increase the business’s ranking position on Google. This is based around the keywords selected and the number of clicks that visitors click onto your ad.

Google Ads

Google AdWords is a pay-per-click (PPC) platform where Google is paid by the advertiser based on the number of click they receive to their ad and the advertiser bids for the best keywords.

Your keywords must be specifically targeted to attract customers who are searching for your product or something similar, or information regarding your product or service; Google assesses the results for your advertisement around the number of visits, and the quality score that keeps people clicking on the ad. plus the service provided by the advertiser.

Does Google Ads Work?

Google AdWordsShort answer: YES. There’s a reason Google Ads still provide Google with over 70% of their revenue. AdWords is one of the biggest online advertising platforms and enables your business to reach customers on a global scale in order to grow your customer base and sales. Most businesses will benefit from using AdWords.

Effort, time and money are needed for a successful Google Ads campaign, however the majority of businesses find that it is time and effort well spent as it provides your business with global exposure, access to a hugely increased customer base and excellent returns on the investment. This doesn’t mean that it is the only form of exposure that your business should be investing in, however Google Ads has a very broad reach which verifies and supports the other Social Media platforms that your business may be using.

It’s wise to investigate and select an appropriate Google Ads agency to manage your Ads campaign. Select an agency that is familiar with your product or service and has proven experience that can be verified.

With a Google Ads agency that is familiar with your business and its competitors, you can have confidence that you will be bidding for and using the best keywords for your content to increase the position ranking of your advertisements against your competitors. This is not just how much you are willing to pay, but also about the quality score based on the standard of the landing page and the effectiveness of the ad. optimization; the relevance of your ad. to customer searches and the potential click rate of your ad. The better your ranking, the higher it is placed in the Google search results.

Agencies (such as ourselves) know how to use AdWords for maximum results in the most efficient manner. Successful AdWords campaigns direct high volume and quality traffic to your website at very competitive cost. It is important to have your Google Ads campaign managed by the right agency in order to minimize costs and maximize quality clicks to your ad. and on to your website.

One major Google Ads tip to be aware of that will help you in advance is…

Be Aware of Your Google Ads Budget!

Google Ads works for all sized businesses; so if you are just starting off – you can stick to a smaller budget that can be increased as your business grows.

Google Ads Budget

Knowing your initial budget in advance of the campaign allows the agency you work with to prepare the most cost effective campaign to attract the right viewers to click on your advertisement; in comparison to other varieties of advertising platforms, AdWords is fast and easy to get started, and you can measure the results more quickly than other options such as SEO and website based advertising. With this in mind AdWords also works in well with other marketing options.

Your Google Ads campaign budget can be managed daily, and changed as the campaign grows. This allows you to boost your campaign at will, or stop a campaign that isn’t working, without overspending.

Analyse your competitors and establish the best point of difference between your business and your competitors, and use this to attract more clicks to your ads.  Finding a unique and useful aspect that your business has to offer will increase your sales and generate more traffic to your site. If you have a product or service not offered by your competitors – use it!

Google AdvertisingHaving AdWords flexible and scalable means that you can not only get quick results that can be measured, but you can adjust and improve your campaign to increase your returns quickly which allows for a more effective use of your time and money. The flexibility and easy measurability of AdWords gives it the edge over other marketing options, and is a good indicator of how your marketing strategy is performing before adding other advertising options to your overall marketing structure.

Work with your Google Ads Agency to create and manage the most effective campaign for your budget that will attract customers, get more clicks and maximize your returns. In other words make sure that your ad. works effectively. This means using the best and most profitable keywords that you can that are relevant to your customers and all viewers that are searching for your product or similar.

AdWords has advantages over most of the other forms of marketing mainly due to flexibility for budget, marketing adjustability and the ability to monitor information quickly to improve your campaign continuously and to more accurately target your other advertising campaigns.