The Five Best Internet Marketing Strategies – 2018

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May 24, 2018

The Five Best Internet Marketing Strategies – 2018

It’s no secret that the business landscape has changed dramatically over the last decade. What used to be based on face-to-face relationships and word of mouth has now become increasingly dependent on digital marketing and a business’ online presence.

Gone are the days where dropping into a physical store or picking up the phone was the first step in engaging with a business. Nowadays, more and more people verify just how good a business is by checking out their online presence – be that their Google Business Listing, website, or social media channels.

Digital marketing, social media and user-friendly websites have unleashed unparalleled potential for businesses who want to not only nurture their existing relationships with clients, but also to reach more prospective clients than ever before.

Here at Castle Jackson, we’ve experienced how digital marketing can improve business’ reach and potential firsthand.

In light of this, we’ve compiled some effective strategies to help attract, engage and impress your customers – increasing customer engagement, brand awareness and helping people find your services easier.

  1. Getting a well-designed, responsive websiteThe Five Best Internet Marketing Strategies - 2018 - image image1 on
    When you’re looking for a particular product or a service, where do you go?More and more of us are turning to Google searches to find local, relevant services, and businesses that want to stay current and thriving must listen.A crucial part of this your website. Websites should be a representation of who you are, what you do and why people should choose you over your competitors.
    A professional, well-designed website with strong SEO, user-friendly design and responsive design helps bring people to your website and keep them there!Although getting people to your website is half the battle – getting people to stay there and engage with your business is the other half.So, what are the tricks to making an engaging website?Your business website should be:

    • Clean, responsive and user-friendly
    • Mobile-responsive
    • Include interesting and relevant content
    • Be continuously updated

    These simple tricks will help give users a seamless experience, encourage engagement and create positive associations with your business.

  2. Be on the Top of the Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)
    We could harp on about the importance of well-designed, professional websites until the cows come home, but even this is not enough to guarantee your business’ success. After all, what good is having a beautiful website if nobody is ever going to find it?Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to help your business rank in the top results on Google.Effective SEO and SEM allows you to:

    • Have your business name on top of the search results
    • Gain a competitive advantage over competitors

    The best SEO strategy helps connect people searching for your services and products with your website, by including relevant keywords in your website.

    This strategy will give you a greater chance to be the top choice for customers finding specific products and services online!

  3. Get a Helping Hand from Melbourne’s Best Web Development AgencyThe Five Best Internet Marketing Strategies - 2018 - image image2 on
    When it comes to developing a professional website that reflects the personality, values of your business, there is no one size fits all approach.We understand all too well that small and medium-sized Australian understand the need to establish their online presence and increase revenue, but don’t have the time or expertise to build a professional, SEO-friendly website themselves.That’s where Castle Jackson comes in. As experienced digital marketing experts, our team comprises of talented web developers, graphic designers, copywriters, digital marketing experts and SEO experts – who can help your business grow and thrive.We set ourselves apart from the pack by providing ongoing customer service and the option for monthly changes to your website. This means that your business can constantly evolve, without the hassle of updating it yourself.Trusting a digital marketing expert can help you:

    • Represent your business with an attractive, user-friendly and professional website – tailored to your business
    • Highlight your points of difference to existing and prospective customers
    • Provide you with professional advice and support
    • Manage the most daunting and technical aspects of online marketing
    • Take the legwork out of copywriting for your business
    • Product uploads, management and support on e-commerce websites – helping you create a new stream for sales online
  4. Understand your Customers
    Understanding what attracts your customers, their needs and their characteristics as consumers is critical to business success.To understand the needs and behaviours of your audience, you must ask yourself: who is your target audience? Who are you speaking to?Understanding this helps tailor your business’ voice, personality and messages to connect to this audience, get their attention and drive them to engage with you.Understanding your customers helps:

    • Give you an edge in with a targeted, personal approach
    • Allow you to target customers you want to attract
    • Understand purchasing behaviours of your customers
    • Gather data to fine-tune your marketing strategy
  5. Put Yourself in the Spotlight and Ensure Online Visibility
    If you’ve followed this far along, it’s safe to bet you get the gist: visibility on the internet is essential to business success.Being found on all search engines:

    • Gives your products and services credibility
    • Attracts more visitors
    • Boosts sales and reach
    • Creates a two-way dialogue between you and customers
    • Gives you the ability to establish a business voice and engage with your online community
    • Allows for greater connection

    In conclusion, all these steps help give your business the spotlight it so dearly needs in this digital world.

    By trusting in the industry’s best in digital marketing, and chiefly, a clean, user-friendly and professional website with strong SEO and design, is a surefire way of contributing to your business’ future growth.

    So, enquire with us today to get you on track for success! What are you waiting for?

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