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What is the first thing people do when they want to know more about a business? Search for the website. More people search the web than any other medium and you should be ready for it when they search for yours. Giving your potential customers a good impression is what determines how they choose you over the others. So, how would you present your business online?

Choose the one that fit your business the most.

+one-time $250 (+GST) setup fee
best for small startups
per month
Responsive design for mobiles
Up to 7 Pages
On-going Customer Support
Website Hosting FREE
30 min monthly updates
+one-time $250 (+GST) setup fee
most recomended plan
per month
All of the Lite features, plus-
Domain Name Registration FREE
Contact Form
Google Maps
Social Media Setup & Integration
1 hr monthly updates
+one-time $250 (+GST) setup fee
complete package
per month
All of the Lite & Basic features, plus-
Content Management System
Visitor number reports
News/Blogging functionality
1.5 hr monthly updates

Customise Your Site

Add-ons To Fit Your Business Website for just $5!


One image tells thousand words. Show off your beautiful photos with a pop-up image effect.

News / Blogs

An extra page/ section to show a list of latest news/ blogs. Compose them easily with a management system.

Social Media

Show your Facebook fans on your website and let users like your fan page on-page. Options for Facebook fan page like box with latest posts, Twitter latest posts, Instagram latest posts.

Custom Functionality

Fully customised features base on your requirements. All customisation works base on a $80/hour rate.

Content Management System

Manage and edit your page content using our content management system anytime without any technical skills.

Visitor Number Reports

Monitor the visitor numbers of your website and where are they coming from.

Live Chat

Talk to your visitors directly using a live chat system. You can even chat with them on your mobile devices using the supporting app.

Google Maps

Let your customers to locate your business in an easy & simple way.

Contact Form

Send direct email to your company/ personal email inbox in live time. Let your users leave you a comment whenever the browse your website.

Email Accounts - $12

Send and receive emails professionally using your business domain name.
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Dedicated Developers For Your Site

We match up our clients with the best developer to bring your concept to life. From designing banners, to programming custom features- we’ve got the creative and technical expertise to pull it off.
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Need to rebrand and breathe new life into your business? Or want to simply increase traffic flow and awareness and get more people walking through the door? We can help! Give us a call today to discuss how we can help your business’ branding, today!

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Mobile Friendly

More people use the web via a mobile phone than any other device. So why wouldn’t you have your website converted to be more mobile friendly, then? It will not only help your prospective customers, but it will also in turn increase your conversation rate for sales.

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Effective Design

Our team of experts will design and analyse designs that work best for your business. Making charismatic and user-friendly websites is the heart of our mission.

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Custom Domain

Your domain (name of your website) is essential when creating a new website. If you don’t have one already- don’t stress! We can set your business up with one in a flash.
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Search Engine Friendly

We pride ourselves on exceptional on-site SEO practices for our websites. We build our websites and structure our copywriting around what will boost your ranking on Google. Want even more exposure? Well, we can also help you with targeted Google Ads campaigns, to get your business in the spotlight.
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Website Hosting

Every website needs a host. We provide free standard hosting if you don’t have one, so you don’t need to handle the technical part and save you up to $300 each month.
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Content Management System

Pride yourself on your tech-savviness? Get a login access to manage and edit your website’s content, using our content management system, without the need for advanced technical skills. We give our clients the choice to do as little or as much as they desire, while always being on standby for advanced technical support.
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Visitor Numbers

Monitor the visitor numbers of your website and know where they are coming from. A powerful tool for making effective business strategies.

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