Secure Your Sites Against Scammers

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March 9, 2018
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Secure Your Sites Against Scammers

If something is valuable to you, it makes sense to want to protect it. We apply this logic to all our physical possessions: our house, our offices, our cars, so why would we not do the same on our websites?

As more businesses can be found online each day, websites have inevitably become susceptible to scams.

Static websites and particularly e-commerce websites, that process payments online and customer data need advanced security settings to protect both you and your customers.

The buck stops with business owners to protect the information being exchanged between them and their visitors on their website. Websites without SSL certificates are considered insecure, illegitimate and distrusted sites are are the ideal targets for scammers or hackers.

Recently, Google made aggressive campaigns by sending out warning signals to website owners to begin securing shared information by incorporating SSL certificates to make doing business online safe and secure.

In addition to other good practice security measures like enabling HTTPS on servers, these steps will ensure your website is safe and sound and won’t fall victim to hackers.

The need for professional and safe websites should never be underestimated. No matter if your business is big or small, you must take all the steps to protect your customers’ data.

The good news? We can help! Here at Castle Jackson, all our websites are secure and are protected by SSL certificates for no extra cost. Keep your site safe and opt for a professional and secure static or e-commerce website with Castle Jackson. To learn more about our no lock-in contract website packages, drop us a line or make an enquiry today!

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