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PPC or Pay Per Click, is a digital marketing model that involves an advertiser (business owner) paying a publisher (Google) every time an advertisement gets clicked on. There are a number of popular platforms that host these services for businesses. Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Google Ads and Instagram Ads are all PPC platforms that businesses can engage with to generate a return on their investments from advertising campaigns.

To get started it is worth doing some initial research about the topic, as well as reaching out to a professional PPC Agency in Melbourne to get some insights.

Once you have gotten some basic knowledge, you can more easily make a decision about how you would like to proceed with this advertising strategy.

Castle Jackson is a PPC agency in Melbourne that is aiming to provide some initial information to help you understand the benefits of PPC, and if you’re looking to get started with a campaign, be sure to give us a call, or send us an email to discuss any questions you may have. But now that that is out of the way, let’s get into the article.


Pay-per-click is similar to any marketing strategy, in that there is quite a bit of planning involved to get a good campaign up and running. You need to be aware of what you wish to run, what purpose it’s serving, and what your end results should be.

PPC advertising can go really well when done right, but can go really poorly when done incorrectly. Here are some quick bits of information to get you on the right track early on.


When running a PPC campaign, users need to click on a link that takes them to a landing page. The first thing that you should do when you’re thinking about getting your advertising set up is getting your landing pages optimised for conversions. This basically means making sure:

  • You use relevant call to action buttons on your pages
  • Follow good web design principles and space content out well
  • Use bold text and headings to communicate information
  • Write compelling content that is informative and entertaining
  • Use images or even videos where appropriate to break up text
  • Use simple language and structure like dot points or visuals

If you do not optimise your website, people will click on links and head to unrelated landing pages that do not continue the intrigue that the ad sets up. It’s like a joke with no punchline. More often than not, a user will bounce if the landing page isn’t up to the advertising.


Your budget is something to establish early on, if you as an individual are a bit nervous about heading into PPC advertising, the best move will be to get in touch with a PPC agency to help out. They can advise on how much you should set toward your Ads campaign, and which platform to go with in relation to your goals.

The benefit of PPC with budgeting is that you can spend as high or as low as you like. There is plenty of wiggle room to go on the cheaper side to get some early data, but if you have a good team, you can definitely spend more to get some strong data sets to continually optimise as your campaign runs. The other advantage is that you only pay when your ads get clicked on. This means that you will pay for each time that someone looks to engage with your ads, meaning that your leads will come from people primed to engage with you.

Bidding is related to both manual and automatic strategies. If you are starting out on your own, we recommend manual bidding, but if you’re looking to engage with a PPC agency, they can set up more in-depth optimisation strategies to compliment your bids, and clicks.

Keyword research is probably the most important aspect of PPC advertising. It is the main reason why you will show up on Google’s search engine results page, or why you will show up on someone’s social media feed.

Keyword research is a time-consuming job, but it’s important to get right.

An effective Keyword list will need to be:
Relevant – Each click costs you money, you wouldn’t want to be paying for Keywords that don’t relate to your business or its services. Finding keywords that are targeted will result in an optimised list of keywords that are a part of ads with a high click through rate.
A higher click through rate can lead to an economical cost per click., and ultimately an increase in profits.
In a nutshell, make sure your keywords that you bid on are closely related to your products, services and your business as a whole.
Specific – Your keywords need to not only include the most popular keywords in your industry, but they should also go into search terms that are specific and less common to try and develop some highly effective and less competitive keywords that perform really well for you in particular.
AdaptablePPC campaigns need to be optimised as they run, you use the data that comes in and you adjust to match the most successful words, and the most successful ads. Your list should be able to adapt and change by having different but more effective keywords that are still relevant ready to take a poor performers place.


As your campaign is set up and begins to run, you will have to be able to continually manage and monitor your campaign in order to keep it working for you effectively. If you are with a PPC agency, they will provide reports and update you on how they make improvements and adjustments.

Some improvements include:

  • Adding in keywords, this means you will expand your original list, and you will add more relevant keywords as you generate more learnings.
  • Adding in negative keywords, this means you will use words that you have been showing up for, that you don’t want to see. Negative keywords work really well to stop you showing up for related terms that misrepresent your business.
  • Review costly ad groups and keywords, this means you will evaluate the poor performers of your campaign and adjust it accordingly.



In conclusion, PPC is a great method of digital marketing that is quite complex and requires some initial investment to get right.

So long as you optimise well and generate good foundations, your campaigns will sing as soon as you click go.

Marketing online is best done with the advice of experts and seeking out a PPC Agency in Melbourne, like Castle Jackson is a great way to at the very least, get advice, and in most circumstances, start getting a higher ROI on your website and your marketing.