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Website design is a massively misunderstood area of web development. It’s a real shame considering how important good web design is to not only you, but to the end user.

When you begin your business, one of the stock standard requirements is a great
Website. A website is like a digital billboard that can be used to tell people all about your business, as well as provide a user experience to your customers.

Websites nowadays are, in a lot of ways, the new first-impression. Providing a great first impression is every business’ goal. A really clear-cut way to understand what makes a good website is good web design.

Today, we are going to discuss the steps involved in choosing a design for your
business that will leave a great first impression for any customer.



In order to choose the right design for your website, we need to first discuss a few quick basics. Castle Jackson have completed hundreds of sites for our
customers and have been providing web design in Richmond, Collingwood, and
other surrounding suburbs for 5+ Years. We service throughout Victoria, to all of Australia and beyond. We’re passionate about helping businesses meet their
website goals, and helping you understand these basic principles is something we never shut up about.



Web design can sometimes be considered as just about making a website look nice. Website Design is more than that. It’s about giving the user a great looking website that is really simple to navigate, that is clear with its content, and doesn’t try to do too much with its functionality.

What this means is that your users will need to be shown where to go, what to do, and how to get the information they are after quickly. Guiding a website user effectively will be a good mark of a well-designed site.



Talking to a website design agency, or even your resident experts in web design from Richmond (wink, wink), is a great way to get form and function implemented well. A web agency will also have the knowledge of what heatmaps have shown in the past and continue to show today. That is that users skim websites, they don’t tend to read things well. What this means is that you need to set up your design in a very intentional way.

Having videos placed in the right places, having patterns and textures that blend well rather than overwhelm, and having bold or larger text in the right areas can all be established by a well-informed web agency.



Websites are never really a one and done kind of solution. Just like the internet in general, websites need to change, if they don’t you could miss out on new information, new ways of searching and updates that will impact the effectiveness of your content.

Making sure to prepare and have set in place optimizations for your website is a big factor in its long-term successes.

Load time is something that will be a big impact on things like your bounce rate (the rate at which people leave your site) and your session duration (the time people spend on average on your site). What we know is that a slow load time will lead people to just leave your site, this means that if your web hosting isn’t optimized, or up to date, there is a strong likelihood you will not be getting good traffic.

Mobile friendliness and device compatibility is the other thing to be aware of. The majority of web searches nowadays comes from a mobile device. As a result, Google’s algorithm requires websites have good mobile compatibility in order to rank well, without this, there is no chance your site will make a good impression on Google’s search engine results page, or SERP.



With the basics now addressed something that is important to note is that your choice in regard to web design will come down to your specific business needs.

Your site’s form and functionality are a super important aspect that needs to be considered. When going through example websites, be sure to pick a couple that relate to your industry. Doing so will inform you of what will be most important to your site. For example, if you have a restaurant and you’re looking to create a website to bring people in, you need to think about things that will entice hungry
customers. Images of food, a quick link to your menu, and some booking information should all be quickly accessible for anyone viewing your site.

If you offer a service like plumbing, having an enquiry form, and to have in bold text some common services that you do is super important. Having your contact information and reviews will also be important to have present on the homepage. One of the pages you should try to have created is an FAQ page too if you offer a service. That way as a plumber you can have a page to direct people to that explains questions you would be hearing multiple times a day.

When you do finally decide on the website design, it is important to get an expert’s opinion on the templates standing with modern design. A web design expert will help determine if the template is modern enough. They can comment on your design overall, as in your logo and any patterns you might want. Getting an expert’s opinion on a website design choice is always recommended.

Finally, making sure that you have a good amount of flexibility with your website can be achieved well with most website platforms. WordPress still stands out as one of the best Content Management Systems which provides a great array of adaptability to all changes.

In conclusion, choosing the right web design is going to be a tough ask, but when you follow some basic design principles, and take into account the advice of the experts around you, you will end up with a fantastic website sure to impress customers, and to start generating a great ROI.

If you’re looking for some experts in web design near Richmond, Castle Jackson will be your go to agency. Give us a call or email us to begin your website journey today.