Customer Reviews Management.

Why is online feedback important? Maintaining a positive online presence via customer reviews is a key part of managing your brand. These days, most online purchase decisions are made after reading customer reviews. If your business’s reviews are positive, you will be at an advantage. However, if your business receives a negative review, it needs to be managed effectively to avoid detrimental effects.

We can help you with efficient online reputation management – build your positive online footprint via our customer reviews management solution.

$200/mo +GST

No lock in contracts

Boost your brand’s reputation by managing customer reviews

Turn happy customers into 5-star reviews on platforms that matter to your customer community. Our customer reviews management solution will help you manage this with ease, providing your customers a seamless process too.

Get positive Customer Reviews on sites that matter to you!

plus many, many more ….

Package Details

Our monthly customer reviews management solutions provide great value customised to your needs for just $200 /MO + GST. To help you build your online reputation, we offer:

$200/mo +GST


Local dedicated digital marketing manager

Set up of integrations to Google and Facebook sites, plus many more available

Set up of email and SMS branded templates to collect customer reviews

Configuration of automated schedules to collect customer reviews

Unlimited customer contacts

Unlimited customer reviews

Unlimited emails and 50 SMS monthly credits

Unlimited use of website widgets

Tri-monthly tailored strategy to help boost customer reviews and lead generation

How it works

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1. Get Customer Reviews

Automate sending SMS & email requests and reminders to your customers.
Digital Marketing Agency

2. Promote Positive Reviews

Automatically publish positive customer reviews on sites that matter to you, such as Google, Facebook and many more.

Website Agency

3. Prevent Negative Reviews

Manage unhappy customers offline directly to rectify the situation. No negative postings to appear on review sites such as Google.

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4. Monitor Your Reputation

Analyse and monitor your brand’s reputation overtime using powerful insights reporting and keyword tools.

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5. Upsell Further To Customers

Advance customer segmentation to further market to your engaged customer base. Use of lead generation tools such as customer surveys, referral programs, email & SMS marketing campaigns, video testimonials for customer & product reviews, website widgets to showcase your reviews, review email signatures, and more…

Don’t put your head in the sand when it comes to brand reputation management. Be proactive and work with us! Our work has resulted in happy businesses with improved online reputations and sales.


Average increase in revenue from reviews

Average number of reviews each month


Average increase in the number of reviews per month



  • Request customer reviews via SMS and email.
  • Positive reviews automatically posted to review sites.
  • Negative reviews managed within the tool and away from the review sites.
  • Connections to multiple review sites (Google, Facebook, Trip Advisor, Product Review, Yelp, Trustpilot, plus many more).
  • Automated and configurable customer review reminder messages via SMS and email.
  • Reporting and insights to monitor customer review outcomes. Keyword insights also included.
  • Ability to showcase reviews using Widgets for websites.
  • Creation of email signatures to get customer reviews.
  • Use of URL and QR code web links.
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Bonus Features

  • Video testimonials – Bring testimonials to life by capturing customer footage and sharing with ease
  • Survey builder – Beautifully designed drag & drop surveys that delight customers.
  • Referral program – Let your customers do the marketing with our referral solution.
  • Email and SMS marketing campaigns – Send engaging multi-channel messages that build better relationships and drive growth.
  • Automation – Automate customer follow-ups and reminders.
  • Review showcase – Display reviews on your website with our beautiful widgets
  • Website widgets – Increase engagement, collect leads, boost conversions, and more.
  • Advanced audience customisation.

Why are customer reviews so important and
how to boost your brand’s reputation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a customer review?

A customer review is feedback received by customers who have purchased your goods or services.  The feedback can be positive or negative and include a rating out of 5 stars.  These reviews can be published online using sites such as Google, Facebook, Trip Advisor, Yelp and many more.

What are the benefits of online customer reviews?

Customer reviews build trust and loyalty for your brand.  This helps to boost your online organic search ranking for SEO purposes and helps you to be found on Google.  Customers trust each other and as a result of reviews conversion rates are boosted, which helps to increase sales.

What is Online Reputation Management?
Online Reputation Management, also known as ORM Services, refers to the activities associated with controlling, improving, influencing, and generally managing a business’s (or individual’s) reputation within the digital environment, which includes websites, social platforms, and more.
How to get customer reviews?

While it once may have seemed a little progressive, customers are growing used to providing online reviews. This is because more and more they rely on them themselves when making purchase decisions. Getting customer reviews need not be complicated. You can streamline the process by using a Castle Jackson customer reviews management solution. Automate sending requests and reminders to your customers using email and SMS. Click here for more on the steps involved.

How to deal with negative customer reviews?

Negative customer reviews are inevitable but don’t let them ruin your overall online reputation. it’s best to deal with it quickly and thoughtfully. Never avoid them and always answer them honestly and appropriately with the main aim to rectify the situation. It’s good practice to respond to each one with a customised response and take it offline as soon as possible. Our customer reviews management platform helps with all of this and importantly never posts negative reviews to online platforms such as Google and Facebook. We are all about getting you more positive business reviews! 

How do I get more Google Reviews?
You can boost Google Reviews by embedding automated customer prompts in your website that target your customers at the right time in the sales process. We can help you achieve more positive business reviews with our ORM Services.
Do Google reviews boost SEO?

The simple answer is yes, the more Google reviews you gain, the higher your website will rank within the Google Search Engine, enhancing your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). The frequency with which your website’s content is updated, is picked up by the Google Search Engine which has “bots” that search fresh content to update their index and rankings. If you want to know more, reach out to one of our customer service officers.

What is the role of ORM in digital marketing?

ORM is the acronym for Online Reputation Management and is all about proactively maintaining a positive brand footprint on the internet. ORM assists businesses to influence how potential customers perceive your business when they find it online.

If you are looking for an ORM agency in Melbourne, an ORM agency in Sydney, and ORM agency in Brisbane, an ORM agency in Perth, or an ORM agency in Adelaide, Castle Jackson is your go-to crew. We offer some of the best Online Reputation Management Services in Australia.

Let’s discuss your approach to online reputation management and how to boost Google Reviews – or whichever platform you’re using – with our customer reviews management package!

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