Castle Jackson has rebranded itself
CJ Digital.

Castle Jackson has rebranded itself CJ Digital. '

But more important than the new name change and new look, we’ve revamped our entire approach to supercharge your business. We are determined to make sure our clients are not just set up to survive the now, but perfectly placed to seize on better times as sunlight starts to shine again on the Melbourne economy. Take a peek behind the curtain to see how our changes could spark new energy in your business.
Let’s call a spade a spade. Life as a Melbourne business owner in 2024 is a proverbial roller coaster of thrills and dangers. While new technologies like chatGPT can make our working lives easier, things like the cost-of-living crisis, increased competition and supply chain woes mean all of us have to stay on our toes, every day.

The only thing we can count on for sure is that the unexpected is the new normal.

"Be Water, my friend"

With all this going on around us, Bruce Lee's timeless advice to "Be Water, my friend" is so relevant and meaningful.

His philosophy of adaptability and resilience is not just a martial arts strategy but a vital business tactic in a dynamic world of websites and web apps.

It's with this spirit that we made the decision to adopt this philosophy as a company motto, while changing our name to something that reflects the digital world in which we live.

And that’s why Castle Jackson has become CJ Digital.

Why it’s more than just a name change

Moving from Castle Jackson to CJ Digital is not just a new name, coat of paint and shiny new website. We’ve reviewed everything about who we are and what we do. This has resulted in changes to our working processes, new web design and support packages and even some brand new faces joining our team.

For those who've known us as Castle Jackson over the years, rest assured, our core values of dedication and quality service remain steadfast. But we’ve refocused our brand to reflect more than just our capability to produce great websites. We wanted to make it clear we are all-in when it comes to websites and show you that our flexibility and understanding of customers is at the heart of what makes us tick. Marketing people call this kind of thing a competitive differentiation or simply a USP. We call it passion.

The "Be Water" Approach in Action

At CJ Digital, "Be Water" means our solutions are not rigid but flow to adapt to the specific contours of each business's needs. For a local florist or a bustling mechanic shop in Melbourne, this could mean creating a website that not only looks appealing but is focussed on their very specific local customer or SEO requirements, ensuring they stand out in a crowded market.

Our new, simplified service offerings are designed to remove the complexity of choosing web solutions. We've distilled our services into clear, straightforward packages that cater to a wide range of needs, from basic web pages to complete websites to comprehensive and significant sites with a deep footprint. This change was inspired by feedback from you, our clients, who sought clarity and better alignment with your business goals.

The Real Impact for Melbourne's Small Businesses

Let’s consider a couple of examples of how our new approach can help.

Consider the impact on a small dentist in the inner-city suburbs of Melbourne.

Their challenge:

  • They have a website now but it’s just a few pages on a DIY platform and is just a list of services they offer. How will they show up when there over 50 results when you search in Melbourne for “dentists near me”?

  • If a visitor wants a standard service like a dental checkup or a filling, it’s reasonable for them to expect that it would be covered by any dentist. But what if they want tooth whitening, implants or wisdom teeth removal. Is that service offered? Their current website doesn’t say.

  • Most people will not wait to find out when there’s plenty of other choices. And Google won’t return a site in its search results just in case they have that service.

  • To show up, they need an attractive website that gets customers attention and makes it clear what they do sell.

How we can help:

  • By understanding our customers, knowing what services they have and what their points of difference are, we can tailor our web design so that they don’t just have a menu site any more, don’t have a website that looks like all the other dentists in their area and gets noticed.

  • Being flexible and understanding is the first part of the journey in delivering that. This is what we stand for, and a big way we can help.

  • We could also make sure that the dentist is hooked up with a package to help them get some flexibility in their Google business profile after their site goes live

  • We would also make sure they have a booking system hooked into their site which tracks how many successful bookings were made. After all, what’s the point of a website if you don’t know how well it’s helping you?

Take a local electrician who had a nice looking desktop site designed in 2012 but it doesn’t really cater for mobile users.

Their challenge:

  • Most of their clients are likely to search for emergency electricians on their mobiles.

  • A site that doesn’t cater for mobile users will simply not get enquires in 2024, no matter how great it looks on desktops.

  • Google also crawls sites the way a mobile phone does, so if your site isn’t optimized for mobile then you’re missing search positions for sure.

How we can help:

  • A revamp of their Wordpress site for 2024 best practices in web design can mean that they’re more likely to show up in Google when locals in their area need urgent help, which can help get their phones ringing.

Continuous Change: Our Promise

At CJ Digital, our rebranding is just the beginning. Our pledge to customers, current and future, is that we will continue to evolve and adapt to help our customers be at the forefront of digital in Australia. After all if the digital landscape doesn't stand still, neither should we. Our team is constantly learning, experimenting, and refining everything we do. We want to make sure that every client, whether you’re a bustling cafe in the CBD or a startup candle maker, can rely on us to be with you every single day.

An invitation for our friends

We invite all small business owners, whether you've worked with us before or are just discovering us now, to come check out our new brand. Visit our new website. See what we’re capable of. Explore our simplified service offerings. Ask us questions to test us out. We want to you’re your story and want to help you own the digital age in your corner of the world. And your feedback is always invaluable so never be afraid to reach out, and tell us what you think.

A New Chapter Begins

As CJ Digital, we're excited to start this new chapter with you in Melbourne's vibrant business community. Like water, we're here to adapt, flow, and overcome obstacles together, ensuring that your digital presence is not just functional but truly flourishing.

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