Best Website Design: Essential Characteristics

October 17, 2017
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January 30, 2018

Best Website Design: Essential Characteristics

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It is a must for businesses to have their own unique websites in order to promote and market their products and services. However it is notable how many of those businesses with websites overlook the need for website usability. All websites definitely is directed towards increasing online visibility. But were these websites created with satisfactory usability as well as efficient functionality? If not, then the websites goal of providing marketing edge and competitive advantage to the business has defeated its own purpose. Good usability of a website can increase sales as well as revenue for the business. Websites should be user-friendly and can engage the visitor. A good-looking website is important but functionality is what it will set the website distinct from others of the same niche. It can definitely provide as well competitive advantage to the business.

A good website has the following to cite a few of the relevant characteristics:

  1. It’s Information is readily available in the pages of the websites such as its services, contacts, gallery etc.
  2. It is responsive or mobile compatible as more and more audience now uses handheld devices or mobiles in checking nearby services and product offerings.
  3. The website should use correct headings, sub-headings, paragraphs, bullets or lists for readers to scan easily.
  4. The website should load fast because slow websites can definitely annoy and allow customers to navigate away from your web pages.
  5. The website should have good navigation for HTML and JavaScript menus to work well.
  6. Your website should be entirely free from ‘bugs’ for enhanced usability.
  7. Your website should be a product of developers who stick to the best practices.

This is basically the practice of the Castle Jackson Team. Here at we deliver only the best, quality websites. Finally, it is essential that websites have usable forms which are very important in site development because these forms allow interaction with customers as they are accessible and may generate leads for the business.