SEO must continuously adapt to the changing landscape of business and marketing. 2020 taught us that anything can happen and adapting to change is vital to the survival of your business!

SEO will continue to evolve throughout 2021, as technology grows – which enables SEO to stay ahead of the game and relevant to winning clients; conversions and sales to your company.

Here are 5 SEO tips to help keep your company up to date.

1. Stay Relevant with the Right SEO Agency

It is essential that your business moves with the times and in order for your marketing strategy to be effective, your business must be up to date and competitive.

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Research the position of your competitors when it comes to marketing, product and presentation. This knowledge helps you to determine the best marketing strategy for your business and to determine the right SEO Agency for you to grow business.

The right SEO Agency will determine the best campaigns, keywords and pages to position your business ahead of your competitors. They will also continue to adapt to any changes in the market in order to maintain your lead. It’s an ongoing relationship, so finding an agency that understands you, your product and your industry will form a good foundation to grow your business.

2. Target the Right Keywords

Local SEO AgencyKnowing your target market and what they want is vital. The keywords for the SEO campaign must be relevant to the demographic of your audience, and in the language and context of your customers and your product. This connects your business to their interests, and keeps it relevant. Local keywords add a unique ‘flavour’ to your product which is attractive to your customers wherever they are.

It is important to know the intention behind the user’s search, so keywords must cover a broad range of ideas to bring people to your website, rather than repeating specific keywords throughout the page. There is more sophistication and savvy to users now than a few years ago, so the approach and technology must match the user’s intent and behaviour, as well as changes to the market.

Continued analysis of your pages and the ranking for your target market is required. Making adjustments towards the areas of most relevance, whether this is locality, approach or content, should be regular.

3. Optimise Your Website for Mobile Users

The variety of devices on which to search anything is mind-blowing. Having a web presence is essential for all businesses today, and as most of us rely more and more on our mobile devices of every type, your website and pages must be adaptable to all devices. The website and pages must be presentable and easy to navigate on whatever device the customer is using, otherwise you will lose them. The convenience of being able to navigate on any device makes sure that you are available when the user wants to search.

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All good SEO Agencies can enable your website and content to be understandable and attractive on all devices.

4. Regular Analysis & Reports

Regular marketing analytics of the effectiveness of your website and marketing enables you to keep up to date and make adjustments to campaigns that aren’t producing the expected results.

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Google Analytics provides the data on how your customers are interacting with your site, who they are and how effective your marketing strategies are. Analysis of the activity of visitors to your site and what they are looking for helps to keep your business up to date, and address any areas that can be improved.

Regular reviews are an essential business strategy to help your business continue to grow and not stagnate. These can be done as often as fortnightly or monthly, by your SEO Agency.

5. Links!

Another factor that has become an essential marketing strategy is links to other businesses to create win-win situations which will bring more visitors to your site and grow your business exponentially.

Analysis of your competitors’ link profiles will inform you on what will work for your business, and a link intersect analysis will connect you to further link opportunities.

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Your SEO Agency should be aware of what is required and discuss with you an approach for the best outcome.
Links between businesses and to other relevant associated sites enhances your profile and credibility. Higher credibility brings more visitors to your site which increases your customer base

SEO 2020 created many new situations which have opened up a lot of new marketing opportunities for businesses to stay afloat during a global catastrophe; start off the New Year right!

We conduct all of the above and more for businesses every day and can help improve your SEO also. Just give us a call on (03) 8582 8702 to speak to us about your goals.