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Choices are a part of everyday life. Choosing to walk or run, to sit or stand, to start a business, or to invest, and to develop a website using this company or that company.
Whatever your choices may be, today we will be discussing how to choose the right web design for you, and your business.

After reading this article, you may stumble upon the Best Web Design Company in Collingwood. But only time will tell. Let’s take a look at some things that you’ll want to watch out for when starting to think about web design, and what to consider when creating a website.


1. Inspiration from new sources

Something that can often get overlooked when trying to think outside the box with your web design, is that you don’t have to only draw from what you’ve seen online, to get a good idea.
Drawing inspiration from the real world, and from your own industry’s idiosyncrasies can be a helpful change on this front.

If you are a restaurant, having a menu unfold can be a fun idea to a website. Making the layout look the exact same as the instore menu can be helpful too, or even showing images of menu items as the cursor hovers over the writing. Whatever your creative idea is, try not to do only what you’ve seen other restaurants do online.

Creativity and good ideas can come from anywhere. If you are looking to be creative with your UX (user experience) then you need to really look around at what makes you enjoy your business the most, and trying your best to emulate that online.

If your customer service is the best, then you should treat the entire design layout as an experience that will quickly answer your client’s queries as quickly as possible. Provide good customer service digitally.
If your food looks amazing, be sure to work in your images as best as you can, try to integrate food imagery straight up, and look to capitalise with call-to-action buttons.

Finally, be sure to workshop ideas with friends, family or even customers about what your website could do that no one else in your industry does.


2. Experiment with your design

It can be a given that creativity is really just aggressive trial and error, but for what it is worth, experimenting and just hoping things stick can be a part of the fun. If you have hired the Best Web Design Company in Collingwood, then chances are they will have some tricks up their sleeve, but if you wish to get the most out of your website build, then you should also really dig in to what you want from your site too.

Doing some experimenting with your colours, your fonts and background imagery will all do wonders for your website’s design. By providing a lot of material to work with, your web design company can be ready to implement what you are striving for more effectively now that you as the owner, have a strong design idea to share.

So, let’s touch on each experimental change quickly,



Colour makes a massive change to the overall look and feel of your design and your tone as a business. Choosing colours can help people associate certain feelings with your business. Often times, having a colour in mind is great, but it will definitely help actually seeing it on the screen, mock up some layouts with the colour you’re after, and see how you go.


It’s been popularised to have large background images, and the common focus for you as a website owner and potentially a designer, is to look at the content that you have and look at something impactful that will draw people’s attention right away. Playing around with the assets you have works well, but better still, going out to get more images, can be key to getting you where you need.


Fonts can make or break a site. I know it seems strange, but the type of font you choose matters. If it’s too hard to read, you will have content going unappreciated. If it’s too boring or it clashes, then it could be skipped. If you choose a good font and great secondary/supplementary font which makes the words that have impact stand out best, you will be in a much better position. Fonts can be difficult to choose, but be sure to try a handful that look good with a keyword or two, and see what looks best.


3. Start with a layout

Starting a whole website build is definitely daunting. A really helpful way to put a bunch of things into perspective is by simply writing down the pages you need and the layout you are after.

Any amount of time on websites will show you that you need words, images and a video if you want. You need organisation and you need to show people the information quickly. With that in mind, begin your work by either drawing your layout on paper or on an iPad. Get your ideas roughly visualised so that you know what you are trying to achieve.

Typically, if you are doing this on your own, you can do up a design layout on paper, on photoshop, or wherever you want, but if you get an agency to do your site, consider creating a rough idea to present to them too. Having references are a web design agencies bread and butter. Having some good template features to work with will benefit you quickly when trying to get your web design looking special.
Early visualisation can prepare you to know what you will expect roughly, and will give you an awesome starting reference to come back to when a draft is presented.


Overall creativity rests with those that are aiming to create something, and whatever process works for you, will work for you. However, today we discussed some ways to get some new inspiration sources, and some quick techniques to give you guidance when you might feel lost.

It is important to gather inspiration from all walks of life, and looking at your life and what inspires you can give you some very fresh and never been seen ideas that can relate to your particular website within your particular industry.

When you’re playing around at the beginning of your ideas, experimenting with different elements can help you make decisions that are different and also they may change the entire tone that you write with. Having a green versus a red colour scheme can change someone’s entire idea of your business.
Finally, doing some previsualisation preparation is a great way to get some interesting structures set for your actual website. Having a drawing, or a rough layout will be something that you or even the best web design company in Collingwood will benefit from.