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Google Ads is about to be your best friend. It is a Pay-Per-Click, or PPC platform set up by the very popular and very powerful search engine, Google.

It is setup to help people searching for products, services, or information find what they are after by having suggested ads, better known as sponsored links, show up on the top of the search engine results page, or SERP.

This just means, if you are running Google ads, then you will see your ads on the top of Google on Page 1 under certain keywords, helping you get clicks, impressions, and conversions from your website.

Ultimately this increases the amount of web traffic you get, it can grow your brand’s awareness, and can really give you a quick leg up if you are just starting out.

Castle Jackson is a Google Ads agency in Melbourne. We offer PPC services to all our clients. We offer website design and development and can help you build a site, maintain it, and market it very well. If you are interested in Google Ads as a way to boost your business, be sure to give us a call or send us an email. Without further a-do, let’s get into the specifics of how Google Ads can help your business.



Reaching your target market and your ideal customer is going to be easier than ever.

Google as a platform experiences billions of searches a day, and trillions a year. The amount of users daily is really high, and a large chunk of them will be searching for the products or services that your business provides.

Google Ads brings your website, and a landing page from your ad to the top of Google’s SERP.

Being on the top page of Google will give you a tonne of exposure.

Google also provides location targeting. This basically means for locally based businesses you will have more reliable reach to your local customer base.

These geo-targeting tools allow your ads to be seen by a lot of primed and searching customers. If you’re a local business, a regional company, or an e-commerce site, you won’t be wasting dollars on people who are too far away to engage with your business.

The other great element of this geo-targeting is that you can actually exclude areas. If there is a territory that typically has low uptake, and the customers from there are less likely to engage, you can follow the data and exclude that area, so that you aren’t wasting any money.

Lastly, your location will be readily available to be seen on your ads, the easier it is for customers to find you, the higher the likelihood people will come to you.



The beauty of Google Ads is that it is an ongoing project.

You will start a few months of ads and collect your data and get a benchmark, after this, you spend time doing some optimisations.

When doing digital marketing with a Google Ads agency in Melbourne, you will find it simple to get a report and they can inform you about the optimisations they are making month to month.

If you are doing it alone, be sure to look at which ads perform well, which ones don’t, and what reasons may be impacting your business negatively in the ads.

Optimisations involve adjusting keywords, it also involves applying negative keywords. This is in relation to keywords that may be somewhat related to your name or your business, but isn’t something that you wish to show up under.

For instance, if you are a mechanic that is next to a dealership, using the negative keyword dealership can avoid confusion relating to people calling up looking for a dealership.

Optimisations also allow you to dictate where your ads get seen. This is in relation to Google Display, which shows images or posters of your business on a Google Ad partner’s website. Typically found on blogs, or e-commerce websites.

Lastly, Google Ads can optimise for devices. We know now that mobile is the device of choice for most web searchers. As a result, Google has ways of showing ads that are going to be most useful to a user. Say you run some call ads, and a potential customer is in your area, Google will send out a call ad, rather than a text ad when people search related keywords.


Google Ads is also a very cost-effective way to run advertising. When you create a website, and run a business, it is a given that you would have some budget dedicated to marketing your business. Doing so can help your brand awareness and your conversions

What Google does is it sets a budget for your overall campaign, it will then split your budget based on the most popular ad groups. This means that more ad spend goes toward the ad groups that perform the best.

Increasing your budget is also a quick way to get more data on other ad groups. If you have a very successful ad group taking all the budget, you won’t have a good amount of data to show the potential performance of the other ads.



One of the best things about Google Ads is that it isn’t one dimensional, there are so many options and ways to use the platform.

If your business has multiple services, then a really good advantage for you is that you can advertise different services under different ad groups.

As an added bonus, if you are beginning a new service, or wish to advertise a special event that is coming up, you can just create a new ad group to match.

This flexibility means that you don’t have to delete old ad groups to make way for new ones, it just means that you play around with your budget and optimise as you go.



Google Ads is a very useful platform for business owners, especially in the hands of experts.

If your business is not getting as many calls, enquires, or feet in the door, Google ads can place your business in front of your target audience.

It can catapult you to the top of the SERP and increase your web traffic, conversions and your brand’s awareness in your community.

It is also easy to be found on Google. The location tools that your ads can implement help you target your local area, and help you be easily found by potential customers.

Google Ads also is a great service in that it never settles. It can be optimised, adjusted and improved based on the data that gets collected by your campaign.

This process of data collection is very useful to you, as it shows you what you can do to improve your campaign month on month, to avoid stagnation and disinterest.

Google also uses its regular algorithm updates to stay ahead. It can optimise the ads it shows based on device, and has made those adjustments to keep users engaged as their behaviours change.

It’s also cost-effective, you only pay when people play. Your clicks are what determine cost from the platform, which is great for those just starting out, but don’t get it wrong, bigger budgets are also very handy to get big results.

Finally, Google Ads is a versatile platform that can run multiple campaigns to advertise your most profitable and most popular services side by side, with flexibility to add in any extra ad groups to help you advertise changes or updates occurring.

If there are any looming questions, or questions you may have about the tonnes of benefits that Google Ads can provide to your business, be sure to give us a call or get in touch today.