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If you are wanting to grow your business, there are heaps of different options. You could expand, you could advertise, you could offer more services, or be open for longer. All options all tie into an old business saying, ‘You have to spend money, to make money.’

If you are looking to grow your business to greater heights than what you were doing, you will need to do some different things.
Today we here at Castle Jackson, will be talking about how Google Ads can help your business grow.

Online advertising with Google is simple when you chat to a professional agency. They are happy to explain the aspects of the process to you and can work with you to reach a common goal.
This common goal is going to be very important to your evaluation of success. If you are wanting more calls, then that is what your ads will aim to accomplish through call ads. If you want more exposure then by creating ads that touch on your unique selling points is a great strategy, and if you want people to purchase your stock, be sure to create ads that show off your popular products.

Goals are very important to establish in the beginning of any advertising campaign, and it is imperative that the agency you choose to go with is aware of what you are trying to achieve.
Without further a-do, let’s get into the nuts and bolts of Growing your business using Google Ads.



Are you looking at the results at the top of Google under your desired keywords, and you’re feeling sad that you aren’t making much progress with your site? Then stress no longer, as your ads will be rocketed to the top of Google’s results page, or SERP, under a paid ad.

These ads are signified as such by having the word ad next to the headlines. If you are looking to spend money on Google Shopping, then even better. A carousel of products, including yours will be visible above the actual search results if you are trying to sell your products.

Overall this is a great way to expose your brand quickly, get some good attention and to be seen even before the top organic results.


A really great advantage that to Google Ads is the data that you collect. This data can give you insights that traditional marketing cannot view. You can view metrics like website traffic, your conversion rates, you can track user behaviour, and the types of customers that visit your website.

In Google Ads, there are a myriad of tools at your marketing agencies, or your, disposal. Using these tools you are able to see what ads are not performing well, and how to improve them. You can also have your ad groups separated to view how they individually perform, and you can view what themes are most relevant to your business, and what ones are most successful with users.


Google Ads will present a user with ads based on their enquiry and their intent. Basically, this just means that Google will put your ads in front of people who are primed to engage with your business. Typically, Google will use keywords that you have implemented as a good source to know when to bring up your ads to the right buyers.

Keywords are very important to a search campaign, and getting the right keywords doesn’t just depend on what you think will be searched, but what Google has seen is relevant and will actually be searched.

In the many Google Ads tools, there is one called a Keyword Planner. Basically, this tool is used to suggest, and show you how competitive a keyword, or key phrase is, and can also show you the overall cost and the average position of those keywords.


Something that shouldn’t be smirked at is how effectively you can run your online advertising on a smaller budget.

If you are just starting out there is always an opportunity to be frugal with your budget. You can select how much you put towards your ads campaign, and you can gather your data and use that to inform how you will continue on from there.

It is important to note that on the whole, the more you spend the more you get, however that doesn’t mean you get nothing if your account is on a smaller budget.

Growing can occur as slow as you like, and you can always adjust your budget for when things get busy. For instance, if you are a costume shop, if Halloween is coming around, it is best to spend big throughout the end of September and into October, and then you can make a decision about how you spend moving forward, as your budget can drop as required.


Google is in a great position to advertise pretty much any kind of business. It has a multitude of tools to help you along to advertise products or your service. Google Display, shopping and search ads are all available to you and will all work differently for different outcomes. Google’s suite of information is designed to help you not only create the ideal campaign, but to utilise that data that you gather to optimise time and again, so that your ads get better and better month after month. These features that Google provides gives you strong and effective insights that can help your business grow online. The main advantage is that you can develop audiences that you can effectively target with all of these tools. Each time you optimise your ads, you are getting more and more specific with your target demographic, and you can build out ad groups to match the types of audiences that you are targeting.



Overall, there are a tonne of benefits and very few downsides to Google Ads, they can be quite difficult to understand at the beginning, but the advantage of going with the best PPC agency in Collingwood, you won’t even need to think about the technical set up, as that gets taken care of, for you.

Google Ads will be a massive catalyst for growth. The advantage of being at the top of the SERP of Google, you will get much more traction and visibility than you would have ever received before. You will have access to accurate and informative data that can inform your optimisations too. If you go with an agency they will tend to explain exactly what those changes will be. You will also get a better grasp on keywords that are of importance to you. Perhaps you will find some that work really well that you had never considered.

Lastly, you will be able to target your audience really effectively, even with a modest marketing budget. Google Ads has flexibility built in to help small businesses get exposure, and get something worthwhile even with a smaller budget.

If PPC Advertising like Google Ads interests you and you are wondering how to get more exposure, or if you’re looking to get a bit more growth in your business, then be sure to give Castle Jackson a call or email today.