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Can you believe it! Another year is almost up, and what a year it has been. There have been lockdowns, protests, and the like any well adapted species, we adapted. Most people if not all people took to the internet to get updates, to continue their new work lifestyle, and took to social media to pass the time. Throughout the big year that 2021 was, we can see a few new trends coming in that were specifically related to how lockdowns and a new normal has impacted us all. 

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Today, we’re going to take you through a couple of the design trends that have seen a sharp rise in recent months and will continue to make impacts in years to come. Obviously, the caveat I wish to share is that these are just educated guesses that experts in the field are noticing more of, as no one can really predict the future. But with that being said, here are 5 new website design trends to look out for in 2022. 

  • Typography That Becomes The Hero 

The homepage is typically the most commonly viewed page on your website, it is also generally the first part of a website that your users see. The hero image will be right at the top of this page, either with a nice graphic, or a relevant image that represents the company well. In recent times websites have been charging ahead and dumping the imagery, and instead opting for a text led hero image. 

By having bold hero text, you are reducing, or even removing images altogether. This is done to let some strong messaging take the weight of the first impression. These text led hero images are bold and can draw the eye of a user really effectively. They instantly draw in the user by giving them something clear, simple and engaging to respond to. 

Text led hero imagery is also a really easy way to showcase the messaging well. You can create tones of voice based off of the type of font that you use, and you can have quite tasteful, and creative lettering styles to match. By implementing these elements, you can provide a text based experience that can intrigue most visitors. 

  1. Optimistic and Delightful Sites

Throughout the early 2010s, the internet was becoming more and more prevalent in people’s lives, iPhone had been tracking for 3 years at this point and the iPad had just dropped. 

Using the internet was something that people were still learning how to do well, and the majority of people needed some assistance navigating websites and the web in general. 

From this period, we can understand that a lot of web design remained clean, minimal, and sporting a very functional interface. The idea was to make it as easy and user-friendly as possible. Now this hasn’t necessarily changed, having a user friendly site is still a big priority within web design, but injecting an optimistic and fun shift to it is what we are seeing today. 

Two years into a global pandemic, and it has become clear that creativity has gone on the rise in the digital space. There is a look to more colourful and experimental web designs now that more people today are familiar with websites and the internet as a whole. This translates to bold colours, positive messages and exciting typography. There have been some cartoonish looks to applied too. 

  1. Retro Renaissance 

The early 90s were a fun time for experimentation with digital platforms, bright colours and almost spam like messaging would pop up all over the place. 

The 90s represented a time where the rules of the internet and web design were still in their infancy, people could do whatever they wanted, and could experiment and have fun with design. 

30 odd years later, with all the knowledge accompanied, web designers are starting to bring a retro look back to a bunch of websites. 

For better or worse, paying homage to the styles of old will be done in a more functional way than what may have occurred in past. We’re now looking away from polished minimalism and starting to embrace the outlandish and fun graphics that make a site stand out. 

  • Scroll City

Social media has become increasingly more pervasive in our lives, and it would be hard pressed to find a person who doesn’t use it every day. 

Affectionately known as scrollytelling, web designers are producing scroll like features that tell a story. 

Apple Inc. have been the leaders in scrollytelling with how they market their products on their website. As you scroll throughout their site, you will learn new things about the product, view new images, and interact with different elements. It has been a way of emulating the addictiveness of social media, with a bit more of a refined and engaging end result that keeps you engaged in a single story. 

  1. Visible Borders

In web design, sections typically get separated elegantly or harshly to symbolise a transition from section to section. Typically an image or a break occurs giving a site clear sections. 

In recent months, we have seen website start to embrace the space of a website and they have been creating more borders within their content to help organise the viewer’s attention. 

A grid is something that we see more of, and is a really great way to being able to distinguish between one section and another. Doing so makes pagers much easier to scan, as we now understand from eye tracking data, that people don’t tend to read sites, they scan them. 

These borders often help reduce crowding and can segment information well to make it more easily consumable. 

These border designs also tend to have a bit of a retro touch, that bring an air of nostalgic and artistic expression. 


There have been a number of factors that have influenced changes in the way in which websites are designed. 

These changes have in a way been for the better, as we start moving away from the drab minimalist sites of old, and move into colourful and vibrant storytelling, segmentation of content, and unique website pallets. 

These all culminate to represent the learnings of the past 30 years, and by having attractive and interesting websites, more people will be interested to engage with areas of the internet aside from social media. 

This is a modern take on old styles and by looking into the past of design, we can start to learn and connect deeper to the earlier, and simpler days of internet interactivity. 

Overall, these are some trends that have been tracking along more and more, and it may be a situation where you might start to see more websites using these more fun and interesting elements. 

If you would like to discuss web design and get some ideas around what might look good and function really well, consider giving Castle Jackson a call or email today.